Concrete Machine Foundation Construction

Reinforced concrete machine foundation construction

Concrete machine foundation contractor

Concrete machine foundation construction is Universal Concrete Services Ltd “claim to fame”!  We are the TOP Reinforced Concrete Machine Foundation contractor in the Province of Ontario. We know as technology evolves in any given industrial sector, more often than not, a capital investment is due. New machinery promising better production is always made available. With that capital investment comes the required civil work to ensure that the newly purchased machinery runs at full capacity.

We are  CONCRETE MACHINE FOUNDATION CONSTRUCTION EXPERTS! Universal Concrete Services Ltd has been in Business since 1967 and we guarantee that the construction of the required reinforced concrete machine foundation will take place with little delay.

Ultimately, the following is the scope of work that is required for a “MADE TO MEASURE” reinforced concrete machine base:

a) Scan the existing concrete slab to ensure that there is no live electrical conduits.

b) Diamond saw-cut the existing concrete into concrete blocks & remove the concrete blocks from the job site.

c) Excavate to the required depth – as per plans & specifications – to allow for the required compacted crushed stone & concrete.

d) Supply, place and compact new crushed stone.

e) Supply & install reinforcing steel.

f) Supply, place & finish concrete – as specified.

Moreover, please ensure that the existing soil capacity is as per the machine manufacturer requirements. If, for example, the existing site conditions has clay or unfortunately contaminated – the supply and placing of many layers of new 03/4 stone is a must! This potentially could be up to four (4) feet of new crushed stone compacted in layers of six (6) inches to ensure proper compaction of 95% proctor.

In the end, please contact our sales department if you require the construction of a heavily reinforced concrete machine base & or concrete machine pit.


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