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We are the BEST Parking Garage Repair Contractor in the GTA!

The team @ Universal Concrete Services Ltd is the BEST Concrete Parking Garage Repair Contractor in Toronto. Our team offers structural and non-structural concrete restoration solutions. We are experts in all concrete related work. Often we work with property owners concerning the appropriate maintenance schedules of concrete parking structures.

Universal Concrete Services Ltd knows that each concrete parking garage repair project must be tackled with a different approach; column repair work, beam repairs, top side / underside structural concrete restoration work or a complete overhaul of an existing concrete underground parking structure – Universal Concrete Services Ltd has the diligence to provide unmatched service.

Universal Concrete Services Ltd uses top notch industry formulations in repairing and restoring concrete parking structures. Primarily to mend the integrity of the existing concrete structures.

Our experts use advanced support systems to deter concrete against damage. Also, Universal Concrete can provide customized solutions for each Concrete parking garage repair project.

During the inspection of an underground parking structure, the inspector may encounter an area where the underside structural steel embedded in the existing concrete may have been exposed and rusted. “Spalling” refers to concrete that has broken from the rest of the before mentioned structural concrete slab. Moreover, this “reaction” occurred because humidity breached structural concrete slab & therefore corroded the before said structural concrete slab. This causes the existing concrete structure to weaken &  the existing concrete  must be repaired right away!

Consequently, our team will remove delaminated concrete from the spall region; thereafter restoring the corroded reinforcing steel with specialized concrete repair materials. Furthermore, the rebar is layered with an anti-corrosion agent & the spall is lathered with a bonding materials.

The repair area is patched with a high power patching concrete mortar – strengthening the existing concrete structural slab. Also, it is important to note, the patching product is a polymere modified, fast setting cementitious patching mortar. With 28 days of curing time, the patching material achieves 47 MPA.

In the end, contact 1855 613 4773  to receive a quotation for the Best Toronto Concrete Parking Garage Repair Contractor.

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