Concrete machine base construction – Things to consider before constructing a concrete machine foundation

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Universal Concrete Services Ltd is a Toronto Machine Base Contractor that specializes in the construction of heavily reinforced concrete machine bases

The construction of a reinforced concrete machine foundation is essential when purchasing precision machinery. The precision of the machine will heavily depend on the concrete base that supports the mass of the machine. It is imperative to remember that only skilled contractors should be used to construct a heavily reinforced machine foundation to ensure that the newly purchased machine runs at the highest levels of production.

In a industrial setting, cracking of the adjacent concrete slab will be an issue if the construction of the machine foundation is not performed as per plans and specifications.  To avoid cracking, it’s important to understand the natural frequency of the foundation, as well as the frequency at which the machine will be vibrating.

Universal Concrete Services will construct the machine base in such a manner that the vibrations will not be in sync with each other – that would eventually cause micro fractures in the adjacent concrete. This requires a lot of knowledge about the properties of various concrete mixtures & the use of isolation material.

Moreover, any machine will at some point need maintenance. When installing the new reinforced concrete machine foundation, if the project is not well organized, this can easily be overlooked.

Proper foundation design and construction will include making provisions for maintenance. Also, piping and electrical conduits are usually requirement. The appropriate trenching must be constructed to and from the machine.

Precision machines are huge expenditure. If the construction of a concrete machine base is not implemented properly, you risk mechanical issues with the newly purchased machine. Hiring Universal Concrete Services for the construction of the required machine foundation will keep your long term expenses down because you can be assured the machine foundation will be constructed as per plan & specifications.

The lifespan of the machine can otherwise be compromised if the concrete base is not constructed to plans and specifications. What is more, the precision machine is less likely to be stable when operational. For instance, if the machine produces a lot of vibrations, this may have a negative impact on the longevity of the machine.  The proper construction of a reinforced machine base will promote longer uptime.

Universal Concrete Services will construct your machine base with precision and attention to detail. It is essential that the newly purchased machine rests on a stable concrete base. This will reduce downtime. In an industrial setting, this is crucial because your bottom line is what counts. Production numbers must stay at the highest levels to maximize your profits.

A machine foundation that does not meet the required design specifications will influence other costs as well. Insurance premiums would be at the top of this list. If the machine base is not levelled sufficiently,  damages to the machine will be inevitable because the machine does not rest on a proper machine base.

Additionally, if technical plans and specifications for the construction of the required concrete machine base or concrete machine foundation is not provided by the manufacturer, clients often  hire a consulting Engineer.

In the end, this will add to the expenditures; however, it is a more professional approach compared to being required to construct the machine base for a second time in the event that there is a design problem.

In the end, we hope that this article brought you value and our firm is serving The greater Toronto Area with pride!


The team @ Universal Concrete Services Ltd.

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