Toronto Machine Base Construction
Toronto Concrete machine foundation construction


More often than not, precision machinery requires the construction of a  concrete machine base. Ultimately, in rare cases, the existing concrete is sufficient to support heavy machinery. Moreover, Universal Concrete Services Ltd. will investigate the existing job site to be certain that the existing concrete is sufficient to support the newly purchased equipment weight. Also, our firm often works with major engineering firms to ensure the Engineering process is covered 100%.

It is important to note that the construction of industrial machine bases requires very precise engineering and execution from a team that experienced. Universal Concrete Services Ltd. is an expert concrete contractor that specializes in the construction of heavily reinforced concrete machine foundations and has done so for decades.

Furthermore, is is crucial that the reinforced concrete machine base be constructed so that it is impervious to all applied loads. Static and dynamic loads must not act in unison with the newly purchased machinery and the sub grade (static loads are loads that exert a consistent degree of force. Dynamic loads produce varying amounts of force with the structure that is supporting them. A great example of a static load is the weight of a bridge span upon the bridge pilings holding the bridge in place).

Universal Concrete Services Ltd. will construct the required reinforced concrete machine base in such a manner that the newly poured concrete will be finished perfectly level to maintain & support the newly installed precision machine. Our team of experts take the time required to ensure that all phases of the civil work is done @ the highest levels. Moreover, part of the service when doing business with Universal Concrete Services Ltd. is that we are fully equipped to provide layout, demolition, excavation, form work, steel placement, cement finishing & anchor bolt installation.

In the end, we take care of all the organizing, civil work & clean up.

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Mr. Chortyk effectively oversaw and constructed a complex pit type foundation for a million dollar Toshiba CNC boring mill. It’s one thing to manufacturer as per the OEM recommended specifications, but what really counts is making it work for the manufacturing environment. Initially the price sticker shock for the project took sometime to accept. In the end, their services delivered the best value in a professional manner for our customer. Many thanks Gavin and I would highly recommend your services to our future customers.

James F. Bonnell, BSc, DMA, MBACanadian National Sales Manager @ Toshiba Machinery

I had the pleasure of working with Gavin and his team several times in the recent past. On each project I remarked that the quality of work far exceeded my expectations. Additional to this, the price quoted was always the lowest bid and not once did the price over run the original quote. I strongly recommend speaking with, then hiring Gavin and Les Spécialités en Béton Universel.

Chris Wilks Vice President of Client Services, Hitek Logistics

Gavin is a professional in his field and does great work. Don’t hesitate to contact him for a competitive quote.

Ravi GuptaGeneral Manager, Powercast Manufacturing